Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Reiki And COVID-19

Dear All,

In such Pandemic we all are worried about our health and about our loved ones health!!In this Pandemic we must maintain our immunity and adapt such life style through which we can fight with COVID-19.

This was quite obvious that spiritual practitioners all over the world were using their own tools to handle the stress that came along with the outbreak of COVID-19 (new NCP coronavirus), the panic was all around and most healers’ communities were gearing up to deal with it fearlessly. The best tool to handle the disease to spread is to effectively manage stress in our day to day life. Since it has been observed that coronavirus may not show signs of infection for many days, how can one know if he/she is infected? By the time they have fever and/or cough and go to the hospital, the lungs are usually filled with 50 % of fibrosis and it’s too late by then.

Those who don’t do Reiki healing can save themselves and increase their immunity by adopting following rules.These are scientific proven:

A simple self-check that we can do every morning:

Take a deep breath and hold the breath for more than 10 seconds. If one completes it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, etc., it means there is no fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicating no infection.

Preventive Measures for COVID-19:

  1. Take a few sips of water every 15 mins at least. To ensure mouth and throat are moist well all the time. Even if the virus gets into the mouth, drinking water or other liquids will wash them down through our esophagus and into the stomach. Once it reached the stomach, the ACID will kill all the viruses. Otherwise, virus may enter our windpipes and into the LUNGS and that could be fatal as well.
2. Keep a clove of raw garlic in the mouth and let it remain in the mouth till it dissolves completely; practice this daily early in the morning and before you finish your daily chores in the evening. This is the best preventive measure for all types of pathogenic attacks.

Reiki to heal COVID-19:

(Note: only distance healing technique shall be used for healing patient suffering from COVID-19 )
  • Chi Ball Method for healing specific case is proven best for healing the infected patient.
    I would suggest those who are at Masters level or Reiki Master Teacher shall give healing to others and the rest may remain to self-healing.
  • Usui Master Symbols and Reiki Master Teacher Symbols are highly potent for healing infected patients.
  • Violet Flame Healing symbols + Karuna Reiki Symbols in combination can be used. All Violent Flame Reiki symbols (if attuned to) are potent for healing and eradication of the disease use as per your guidance. Karuna Reiki: Harth, Halu and Vel + Dumo (if not attuned to Karuna Reiki Masters level may skip the symbol Dumo, yet it’s highly recommended for healing purpose).
  • Agnihotra* to purify to destress the environment is quite helpful (do it in the evening during sunset). (*Please search online the content to perform Agnihotra daily).
  • Recitation of “I AM the Violet Flame Decree”twice a day for yourself and others.
“I AM the Violet Flame Decree
I AM the Violet Flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
Freeing every one”

Method of healing specific cases:

  • Visualize yourself surrounded by the Violet Flame as you see it in the Chart of Your Divine Self around the lower figure.
  • See the Violet Flame come to life as if you were looking at a movie. The flames in different shades and gradations of purple, pink, and violet, rising and pulsating around you.
  • See these flames pass through your body, caressing each organ and restoring wholeness. See them saturating your mind and your emotions, relieving all burdens.

Observation of signs and symptoms in all my healing cases so far, when not detected through a laboratory test.

  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Leg cramps
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
There are a few symptoms I have been observing repeatedly in all my healing cases through scanning technique.
Note: Prepare a chart for each person you are sending healing every day and follow up on the progress.

COVID-19 Transmutation of Energy

If all spiritual practitioners start healing the world with a major focus on animals and reptiles, then the world shall be saved through all the spiritual practices we do.
Animals and reptiles are the most endangered species in the world. During Meditation on Twin Heart, I’ve got a vision of healing animals and reptiles since they are the most less equipped than all the species in the world.

Thanks and Regards
Esha Pandey-Reiki Grand Master
Cosmic healer.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Reiki and Depression!!!

Hi Friends!!!!

After long time Iam writing a blog..I thing it is a very importmat issue “DEPRESSION” “MENTAL ILLNESS”.I tell you how Reiki can heal this problem!!!

Reiki is a traditional healing technique which is based on the principle that everything in the world can be healed with the channelling of energy through touch. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words, 'Rei’ means ‘Universal’ and 'Ki' means ‘life force’. It is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique which works by transferring energy in the energy fields around the body.

It is essentially based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy (prana) animates the living. It is said that when this energy is low, you are more likely to fall sick or feel sad.

How does Reiki help in treating depression
Depression is a mental health condition where a person battles chronic sadness and hopelessness. While a lot of people mistake this mental illness with feeling down and out occasionally, its impact is much deeper than that. Someone who is suffering from depression loses interest in everyday activities and may get worse without proper diagnosis and medications. 
While the first line of treatment for mental health conditions is definitely counselling and medication, alternative treatment like Reiki may help in the removal of the stress accumulated in the body and help the patient feel lighter.

Various studies have noted that Reiki may provide relief from physical conditions like migraines and throbbing headaches. It has also shown to reduce symptoms of distress and depression. 
The bottom line 
While a lot of people have experienced the effectiveness of this Japanese healing technique firsthand, it is important to understand that scientific studies and researches are still not conclusive.

It may work well as a form of complementary treatment owing to its relaxation properties as it also aids emotional healing and helps you sleep better at night. It is important to note that you must consult a psychiatrist and/or continue taking your medications even if you are regularly undergoing Reiki therapy. DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article.

Love and Light
Esha Pandey-Reiki Grand Master
Cosmic Healer.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Reiki and Magic Spells


                                    Reiki and Magic Spells 

Two powerful and different ways to heal, manifest and send your prayers to Universe. There are many people who loves to do spells and rituals (not black magic please). The spells that are done for good and harms none. How about merging spells and Reiki energy and see what the outcome is? As we all know, Reiki works for the highest good and hence no chance of going wrong anywhere.

Let us see how we can merge Reiki and spells. Most common things used in Reiki are candles, crystals, oils, herbs, tarot/angel cards and intention slips.

Space Clearing – Before starting any ritual or spell, cleanse your altar or the space you are going to do the ritual/spell. There are many ways to do that but since we are talking about Reiki here, let us go with Reiki method. Draw Cho Ku Rei ( Power Symbol) on your palms and let the Reiki flow. Imagine multiple Cho Ku Rei coming out of your palm filling the room with divine light. While giving Reiki to the room, state This room is cleansed from all kind of negative energies and lower energies and only positive energy is allowed here, this or better. Thank you.

Candles – In most rituals/spells, candles are used as fire element to send our prayers to Universe. Take your candle and roll and rub it between your palms. This will infuse the candle with your personal energy. Next, carve your wish on candle- Love, Wealth, Health or whatever it is. On the other side of the candle, carve Reiki symbols that you are attuned to.

Essential Oils – Now that your candle is ready, next thing to do is anoint it with oil. Take few drops of oil on your palm, draw Reiki symbols on it and give Reiki stating your intention. So now you have oil infused with your intention.

Crystals – Always use cleansed crystals. Take crystals in your palms and draw Reiki symbols over it. State your intention and visualize or imagine the desired outcome. Hold your intention for minimum 68 seconds, for when a thought is hold for 68 seconds, manifestation has begun. You can also anoint the stones with essential oils.

Angel/Tarot cards Before using any card in ritual/spell, remove negativity from it. Draw Cho Ku Rei and give Reiki to it with the intention to remove negative energy and bring in Divine light. Next, hold the cards in your hand and meditate and see what message it has for you.

Intention slips – When you write your intention slip, draw Cho Ku Rei on four corners to seal the energy. On the back side of the paper, add Reiki symbols and give Reiki to this slip for few minutes.

Once all your set-up is done, spell is done, make a Chi Ball to energize the spell/ritual and release it over the spell/ritual set-up.
I know this makes your method lengthy but it also makes your spell/ritual more powerful and with the surety that it will work for your highest good.

Happy Reiki and Happy Magic Rituals....

Love and Light
Esha Pandey- Reiki Grand Master & Spell Caster
Cosmic Healer

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Switch Words

Esha Pandey
Reiki Grand Master-Cosmic Healer

Dear Friends!!!
Welcome to my Blog!!!!

Today I will tell you about magic of Switch Words.Will explain how we use it to manifest out desires and different method to use switch words.

What Are Switchwords?

Switchwords are modern mantras. They are purely Divine blessings. They can transform your life the way you want. They are not any Spells, Black Magic, Mumbo Jumbo or Witchcraft.Switchwords were first identified by the famous and renowned founder of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. He suggested that certain words have the power to reach into, and alter, our subconscious. Well, they are just simple, everyday words. No one knows exactly how a switchword works, but it is likely that it is connected to the vibrational frequency of the word, tapping into Subconscious mind. The literal meaning of the word is not important… It may be related to its meaning or it may not.

Who Can Use Switchwords?

Anyone can make use of Switchwords. There’s no danger or harm by their use, so feel free to try them for any situation that they could relieve or improve.

What Can I Use Switchwords For?

- For Money and Abundance

- For increasing Sales and Business, to clear Debts

- For any illnesses, diseases, even congenital deformities to relieve and correct

- Any wish fulfillment like to get a job, to get married, to manifest anything.

- For Building characters like Creativity, Confidence, Genius etc in us

- For clearing Negative energies and Negative emotions

- To resolve Relationship issues

And many more… Literally no limits.

Of course, they may not create a pair of wings on your back, may not give you superhuman powers like teleportation to another place… Except those miracles, almost anything is possible by Switchwords.

Switchwords are used in many ways.

Simple usage :

• Chant, whisper or say loudly many many times daily. Don't count... never focus on a number. Focus on intention. The more chanting the better.

• Write them down in a notebook many times daily. Dont count... Just write more times...

• Meditate them.

• Write them on your body once after every bath. But don’t write on your body when results are needed in another person.

• Write them on a sticker paper and stick that sticker on the body. Use a different sticker daily for hygienic reasons.

• Write them on wrist bands, knee guards, clothes or anything we wear. Sky is the limit for your imagination. For example, write hair growth Switchwords on a hair band and wear it on head.

• Write on a paper and stick on a water bottle (or write on bottle diectly) and drink that water in sips throughout the day. But after 15 minutes of writing.

Advanced usage of Switchwords :

• Use them with other healing modalities like Reiki, Crystal Grids etc.

• Use them with Emotional Freedom Technique.

• Use with Radionic machine.

What are Energy Circles? (EC) :

Energy Circles are a simple means of broadcasting the Energy components presented in them.

Anyone can create an Energy circle with Switchwords or Number codes or with both. All you need is a white paper (white both sides) and a pen. Just write the Switchwords or numbers or both on a white paper and draw a circle around it. The Energy circle is ready. The circle need not to be perfect round. Any shape is fine.

Energy circles can also include Defusing words, Energy Frequencies, Names of Bach flower Remedies, Names of Homeopathic Remedies, Animal Spirits etc.

Advanced users of Energy circles can create with Sanjeevinis, Sigils, Runes, Jibu symbols etc along with Switchwords, numbers and other components mentioned above.

Just by making Energy Circle by hand or by taking color print of an image of Energy Circle, they start working. No special activation is needed.

How to use them :

Take one or more color prints of Energy circle you want to use. Any size is fine. Just take care that all the contents are readable. That’s all.

1. Water charging method :

Place a water bottle on the color print of Energy circle for 15 seconds or more. That’s all… the water is charged now with the energy of Contents of Energy circle.

Prefer a clear transparent glass bottle. It is the no.1 preference. If managing a glass bottle is difficult, go for a clear transparent plastic bottle. Any container made of Steel, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Porcelein is fine to use. Don’t perefer colored bottles. That’s all.

Now drink that water in sips throughout the day or days. The charge in water is permanent.

Note : Laminate this print for durability. Even one drop of water can damage color print of an Energy Circle.

2. Three fingers method :

Place color print of Energy Circle on a flat and hard surface. Keep your left hand middle three fingers on the Energy Circle at the center for 15 seconds or more. The energy is now received by your body from Energy Circle.

3. Under Bed mattress method :

Place a Color print of Energy Circle under the bed mattress where you sleep daily.

When you sleep at night on this mattress, your Aura keeps on receiving the energy from this Energy Cicrle throughout that period.

If you keep under a mattress where you don’t sleep, it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Note :

If any negative elements names and illnesses names are written outside the Energy circle, it shall not be used by this method.

4. Pocket method :

Just carry a color print in your pocket facing body side. Your aura keeps receiving the energy from it throughout the time you keep in your pocket.

Don’t put any other cards or wallets in between the Energy circle and your body. They may hinder the Energy receiving by your Aura.

5. Name writing method / Photo placing method :

Write your name or the person’s name to be healed inside the Energy Circle. Always choose the topmost portion above Switchwords or numbers inside inner most circle of Energy Circle.

Never write in Sanjeevinis. They are usually given at the center of an Energy Circle.

Then fix it on a wall. It starts broadcasting energy to the person who’s name is inside.

Never hide these Energy circles meant for Broadcasting. Hiding intention deactivates these Energy circles.

Alternately, Keep a color print of Energy circle on a table or fridge top and place the photo of the person on it. Don’t paste. It starts broadcasting energy to the person who’s name is inside.

Or you can insert the photo of the person inside the Energy Circle using a computer and then take color print directly.

Then fix it on a wall. It starts broadcasting energy to the person who’s photo is inside.

Note :

Only 3 Energy Circles can be used by this method. That is the limit. If you use more than 3 by this method, all will stop working. So, be cautious.

Name Writing and photo placing method are same. So both methods included, only 3 Energy circles are allowed.

6. Energy Circle Sandwiches:

Take two color prints of same Energy circle. Laminate them. Cut to same size.

Write all wishes (pertaining to subject of this Energy Circle) on a white paper slip. Write your name below the wishes.

You can also add your photo along with wish slip.

Now place the wish slip and photo on first laminated Energy Circle. Close this with second laminated Energy Circle. Both Energy Circles shall face each other.

Now Energy Circle Sandwich is ready.

You can close this sandwich all sides with a transparent cello tape. Then keep it on a flat surface.

Note :

There is no limit for this method. Any number of Personalized Sandwiches can be made for a person.

Just don’t stack them. Always keep side by side on any flat surface.

Using Energy circles from mobile phone display :

When you dont have access to a printer or cant take print.... when you want immediate results, just charge water from your mobile phone display of Energy circle. Take care that phone display is continuously on for 20 seconds while charging. No interruptions.

You can do 3 fingers method also from mobile phone display. When finger tips are touched, the EC image on screen wont stay idle. It keeps moving. So take care that complete image stays for 20 seconds whole doing the 3 fingers method.

What are Number Codes?

Number Codes are powerful Energy sequences useful for various purposes. They are Unique and Quite effective.

Many healers intuited many systems of Number codes for various purposes.

The different number code systems we use are :

1. Lloyd Mear Numbers

2. Gigori Grabovoi numbers

3. Divine Healing codes

4. Sacred Codes

5. Divine numbers

6. Homeopathic vibration rates

7. Radionic rates

8. Blueiris numbers

9. Quantum K numbers

10. Rife frequencies

11. Solfeggio frequencies

12. Schumann resonance

Etc... the list continues....

Frequencies come with "Hz" as suffix after number.

It is to be spelt as "Hertz".

How to use Number codes and Frequencies

When any of these numbers are given in replies, you can do :

- Chant the number daily

- Write many times in a book

- Write on wall (Only Numbers meant for that Area).

- Write on body anywhere daily

Chanting :

You can chant either as full number or in plain digits. Full number is more effective than plain digits.

You can chant for others also....

Don't spend your energy focus on counting the number of times. Focus on wish, intention, outcome...

Writing on body :

Write on body or write the numbers on a sticker paper or tape and stick on body. Only write once after every bath.

Writing many times in a notebook :

Just an alternative to chanting... Some members find it easier than chanting... repeat the number while writing many times...

Writing on walls :

Harmony numbers, Balck Magic numbers, Protection numbers, pest control numbers, Negativity cleansing etc can be written directly on a wall. As they are for working in that specific area....

For your health and wishes, this method doesn't work... follow above methods.

Colors for different aspects :

Green - for increasing and growth...

For Abundance, Money, Business, Hair growth, height to increase etc....

Red - For reducing size and also for health....

For weight reduction, to bargain, for illnesses, Boils, tumors etc...

Blue - Soothing and calming.....

For fever, pain, love, relationship, all general aspects.

Orange - Wish fulfilment

Violet - Negativity cleansing

Black - Dispel evil

Pink - Love and relationships

Hope this information clears all your doubts…

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Can chanting of mantras heal our soul?

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Today I will tell you that Can chanting of mantras heal our soul?

Mantras are sounds which together help to harness spiritual energy.

Mantra's are special set of sounds that creates a resonance which affects our energy & our environment. So offcourse no matter whether you listen to the mantra or chant it, it's all the more same. But it's effect will be better if you mentally repeat the text, because then the blissful inner state will be achieved sooner.
Chanting powerful mantras, or even merely listening to them, give us access to our creative spirit, bring harmony in our mind, body & soul.
Chanting of mantras ofcourse sets our heart on a wave of divine energy, bringing bliss into our inner world.
These peaceful sounds can actually help us to activate our inner pharmacy & bring the balance to our physiology, creating wellness & vitality.
Healing your soul, cure the entire energy filed and all restoration of your mental health.
It'll increase your intuitive growth too.
So yes, it not only heal your soul but will make your environment positive too.

Love and Light
Esha Pandey
Reiki Grand Master-Cosmic Healer

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Reiki Explained the Scientific Way

Dear Friends!!!

Welcome to my blog!!!

Toady I will explained Reiki as a science,

As a Reiki Master, I often come across queries around how Reiki or energy healing works and whether it really exists?? The simplest way to explain Reiki is that it is an all-knowing form of energy and flows where it is needed. However, few people are still intrigued with Reiki and want a scientific explanation. So, how exactly does Reiki work?

With recent findings in quantum physics, an explanation of we ‘Being energy’ and how energy impacts us becomes clear. Quantum physicists have discovered that the fundamental building blocks of matter are made of energy.

It is believed that the Universe was born out of the Big Bang explosion and after hundreds of millions of years, stars began to form. The force of the explosion was so strong that the stars are still moving outwards and so the Universe is spreading and getting bigger all the time! We, therefore, carry the universal wisdom of the light or energy in every cell of our body.

Let’s understand what matter our body is built of as per quantum physics.

The frequency with which each of the above elements vibrates determines the state of our bodies. It’s as simple as, if you are listening to the radio, when you tune the radio-set to the correct frequency of the radio station, you hear clearly -without noise or disturbance whereas, if you poorly tune in, then you will find it hard to hear and have an unpleasant experience.

Since our body has the omnipresent wisdom in every cell, it knows how to heal itself. In today’s modern world, our bodies tend to get out of sync due to factors like environment, contaminated food, stress which leads to ailments such anxiety, depression and long-term illness. It is in such times, that energy healing techniques such as Reiki, come to the rescue. By learning to manage and balance the subtle energies and tap the infinite wisdom, we re-align our energies and live life to the fullest. Reiki is designed to heal the deeper aspects of the energy elements of the body. By using Reiki to heal our body, the energy magnifies the innate cell wisdom and heals not just our physical body but many past life issues as well which probably were not known to us.

It’s important to tune into your energies by listening to your body and taking steps to heal. The energies define your health and put you into a state to which you are tuned in.

It is possible to justify Reiki or any energy healing technique, with the progressions in quantum physics and support anyone who needs healing. Nonetheless, Reiki flows where it is needed irrespective of the beliefs, as is Universal life force!

Love and Light
Esha Pandey
Reiki Grand Master-Cosmic Healer

Sunday, December 15, 2019

What are the benefits of spiritual awakening?

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 Benefits of spiritual awakening!!!

  • You become the loving Aura

The first thing about awakening starts with decluttering everything bad you learned since you started remembering things, so that you could replace the space with new loving energies, thoughts and beliefs, goodness and positivity. When you carry so much love, you spread the loving aura everywhere you go, like the smell of a scent you leave on the air. You will always feel good when you touch hearts and souls of people you meet along your journey and the surrounding atmosphere becomes pleasant. You become the loving Aura.

  • You vibrate on a higher level

In other words, your sense of being, your judgement, your perception, your thoughts, your actions and everything that makes who you are reflects wisdom, peace and power, that only means you don’t resonate with the downgrading negative energies. You can sense negativity from a distance so you don’t have to waste your energy fighting back and forth but you are able to discard them instantly. You connect with people of the same vibrations and you feel way happier.

  • You gain clarity and purpose

We all talk about dreams, visions, success and manifestation, however most of the time our minds are scattered all over the place to be honest and distractions grow so huge in our minds that it takes us ten years to get to the things which could have been done in a year. When we are not mindful enough, when we are lacking awareness about our basic human ability, it can take us forever to realise our true purpose in life. However, once you embrace the spiritual way of thinking, and endeavour to get enlightened each day, your life becomes clearer and clearer. You will receive guidance from your guardian angels instinctively, making you leave past unhelpful things and reach out to your real destination.

  • You will be satisfied

Satisfaction can become a vague subject for many when our minds keep wandering all the time. We accomplish great things in life but we often find ourselves working too hard to find the next task to accomplish to sense that relapsed satisfaction, and sometimes we spend our whole lives running around with badges of success without inner satisfaction. But when we take the path of awareness and seek spiritual way of life, we will find the cord that leads us to ultimate inner fulfilment. Satisfaction is intangible, and the truest joys of harvesting it does not come from material happiness in the long term, but it comes from joys of living a spiritually meaningful life.

  • The world becomes a little more beautiful with your presence

There is nothing more pleasurable than knowing that your presence makes this world a better world to live in. When you are aware, gentle, kind and loving to yourself, you radiate the same energy to the world, and you impact lives of those who you meet in a positive way, every single day. You get enormous joy and blessings back as a circle of life, and that is how you move forward in life with purpose serving humanity and beyond.

Love and Light
Esha Pandey
Reiki Grand Master- Cosmic Healer

Reiki And COVID-19

Dear All, In such Pandemic we all are worried about our health and about our loved ones health!!In this Pandemic we must maintain o...